Saturday, December 29, 2007

Playdate with Elizabeth and Brandon

Zeb's good friend Bruce has two children our kids ages. The kids adore each other so every once in a while Zeb ventures up north for a playdate and enjoys some time with once of his buddies. The best part is that I'm left alone - totally alone - no kids - just me and a book. I love these days.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ethan's Sleepover

Since Kevin and Jessica were leaving soon we had them over for dinner last night. The time sure goes by quickly. We also had Ethan sleepover. My little nephew adores Keara and Keara seems to adore him so they had a great time playing together. I can't remember all that they did but rest assure there were lots of giggles.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Well, if you can believe it I was the first one up Christmas morning. Kailei came scooting into our room around 6:30am and then we both woke up Keara (which took exactly 2 seconds to accomplish). The kids were wowed with all the gifts under the tree and their eyes sparkled with delight.

They quickly ripped open every gift and the smiles on their faces said it all. Keara has asked for a bitty baby stroller, bitty baby's xmas dress and a grow-and-know-your-name puppy which Santa happily brought to her. Kailei asked for a guitar, a drum set and an alarm clock. Needless to say that Santa brought her those gifts as well.
We headed out the door to Mom's house around 9:45am. My favorite part of Christmas is breakfast. We don't have as much time at home as we would like but having a real breakfast is a treat for my family. Mom and Dad make pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, rolls, and the like and it just tastes yummy. Not like we could not make those items throughout the year but in all honesty I don't so it is quite fun to have them at Grammy's house.

After we cleaned up breakfast, the kids opened their presents from their cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles. We are all truly spoiled by Grammy and Poppy at Christmas but you all know my Mom LOVES Christmas.

The rest of the day was spent playing, napping and herding children. Everyone remained healthy which was a miracle in and of itself so we could not have asked for a better Christmas than to have everyone there, celebrating this special time of year in the name of Jesus.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Traditionally we always attend church on Christmas Eve so we all dressed up in our finest and headed out about 2:45pm in order to get a seat for the 4pm mass. Often we have to sit in the basement there are so many people but this year we were bound and determined to get a seat upstairs in the church. So packed everyone and everything up and claimed our stake. It was tough to keep the kids entertained for over an hour and then have them sit quietly during church but all in all they did great and the atmosphere was just so much nicer.
After church we headed to my house for our "Christmas party". Each year Tracie and I switch off hosting and we basically just have finger foods but since we are all dressed up from church it just seems like a fancy party to us country folk. The big tradition that night is to have grape juice and ginger ale. Don't know why but we love it and it has to be there each and every year.

We had some additional guests this year so it was full house. Gary's parents joined us, Zeb's brother Mitch and his family joined us and my friend Judith joined us. We had such a great time and hope everyone else did too.

The girls went to bed at their usual hour anticipating just what Santa was going to bring them.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Every year since I don't know when my girlfriend Lynn and I spend a day baking cookies. It is a tradition that we both look forward to. Since the Archer's don't bake, it falls upon my shoulders to make sure we have sweet treats for the holiday. Each year that I do this, I think of my Grandma who always enjoyed baking as well.

When Lynn arrived this year she reminded me that last year she had to brave quite the snow to get to my house. Actually, we had just been snowed in for days and my Dad actually took his truck and picked Lynn up to bring her to our house so the baking could get done. Some people will do anything for an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Anyway, we made lots of great stuff and pigged out on cookie dough. It doesn't get much better than this.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dining Out

Well, once a year we brave dining out with everyone together. There were 15 of us total and made it to Olive Garden. The kids did great and we enjoyed some great food. Kevin treated us all which was especially thoughtful.

After dinner we went back to Grammy's and decorated some cookies. I've never seen so many cookies decorated so fast. It was crazy but the kids had fun.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Archer's Are In Colorado

Well, Kevin and family made it into Colorado. We are excited that they are here for Christmas. They try to come up every other year if they can. Since Dylan's birthday is in December we started by celebrating the cowboy way. Dylan is so into horses. It is very cute. Texas is the perfect place to be a cowboy too. I forgot my camera so have no pictures to share but they had a great time.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Still Dancing

Yes, we are still dancing. Enjoy the dance Keara learned in her after-care program at school.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xiu Xiu's holiday dance

We had the pleasure of watching Kailei dance around last night. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Keara's First Dance Competition

Keara had her first taste at what an Irish dance competition might be like today. We signed up for the winter fun feis which really just has the Heritage Irish Stepdancers competing against each other but it is a great opportunity for the kids to get on stage and see what it will be like.

Keara did the jig and the reel and she did just great. She got a second and a third place and had a great time. She said it was her favorite activity this weekend. Mom and Kevin both came to watch and enjoyed which made it even more special.

I took some video so hope you enjoy it.

Best Laid Plans

The Davison Christmas party was planned quite a while ago. It was scheduled for December 15th at Curtis and Amy's place. The presents were wrapped and we were ready to go. Merle and Phyllis came up Thursday night planning to attend Keara's Irish dance class on Friday and Kailei's Chinese class Saturday morning. And all blew up. Sigh...

The snow storm cancelled Keara's dance class. Kailei got sick on Friday night (we still don't know what she had but we do know she had a temperature and complained about various things). Zeb woke up with the flu Saturday morning. Since Kailei was ill we didn't take her to Chinese class although she seemed much better. In the morning it looked like all but Zeb would go to the party. So I went and got my haircut while Grandma and girls spent some time in the kitchen making items that will go straight to my waist and thighs but are oh, so good. I came back to Kailei feeling worse again. Zeb was in no shape to take care of her so the three of us stayed home. Grandma, Grandpa and Keara got to the party.

They said there was great food and good company. We are sorry to have missed it. Keara and I are currently crossing our fingers that we don't get sick. Wish us luck. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well, despite the fact it was a school night I could not resist taking the opportunity to take the girls to Winter Wonderland. It is a new attraction this year and my girls loved it. It is similar to a haunted house where you walk through various items but they all have a holiday theme. Things like an ice tunnel, a gingerbread house, a candy cane tunnel and the like. It's nothing that amazing for the parents but if you look through the eyes of your child, it is just too much fun. There was hardly anyone there last night so we got to go through the place numerous times (4 to be exact). Both Kailei and Keara even talked to Santa Claus. We really had a good time. The holidays are so much with kids around.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Royal Evening

Little girls in pretty pink princess dresses surrounded us tonight as I took the girls to Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes. It was a mother/daughter date and most of the folks from my MWCC group attended. The girls looked adorable and I think they had a great time.
Some of us were able to go to dinner afterwards which was enjoyable as well. We put the kids at one end of the table and the adults at the other end and were pleasantly surprised at how well they behaved at the restaurant. What a treat!

I had kept the event as a surprise for the girls. I did however let them know there was going to be a surprise and let me tell you that telling a six year old in the morning that there is going to be a surprise only leads to a day of asking questions, begging and pleading to find out what exactly the surprise would be. But it was worth it to see their faces. It was a cold and snowy day so it seemed perfect to venture out to see an ice show.

Good times.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Funny Elves - Ya gotta love this!

My brother Kevin found this site and I just love it. So enjoy watching my mother, nephews and Keara dance around.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quote for Today

Random exclamation from Keara on the way home from school...

"I believe in God and Santa Claus."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Weekend

Well, Keara enjoyed a sleepover with her friend Caroline this week. Who knew how much energy a couple of 6 year olds could have? I definitely do now. Whew! I was exhausted within a hour of having both girls. Kailei was not feeling well on Friday so she missed out on some of the activities. I took the girls to see Enchanted which they both enjoyed and then they played clear until lunch the next day.

Saturday was our MWCC groups holiday party. While it seemed a little early to celebrate we were quickly whisked away by the holiday spirit and had a great time. Our friend Robin hosted at her house this year. There were three and four year olds everywhere. This group is like extended family for us so we enjoyed the laughter, watching the kids open their gifts, tackling issues that cropped up such as the xmas tree falling over and making sure the kids played nicely. There is never a dull moment. We once again failed to take the kid picture at the beginning of the evening and waited until the end when they were all exhaused and difficult models to work with. One of these days we will get it right but the pictures and the evening are yet another memory for us.

Other than church, Sunday was uneventful. We stayed home. I napped. Keara received a scrapbooking kit at the party Saturday night so she was busy creating her own pictures to put it in. Kailei is into watching holiday movies such as Frosty the Snowman right now so she spent time doing that and Zeb was outside trying to hang some holiday decorations.

It was a great weekend but went by way to fast. There was probably a list of 100 things I should have been doing but there you have it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mid-week Fun

Today we got to have our friends Frances and Lucy over for a short time. This was a treat for the girls and they enjoyed playing dressup, running around the house and watching movies. Lucy is still little and Keara was a great help in keeping her entertained and safe. She is just great with little kids and will make a killing as a babysitter some day.

Lucy is still in diapers and if I haven't told you before, Kailei insists it is her job to change diapers. She always wants to do Sydney's when she is around and Lucy was no exception. This was actually helpful as I struggled to remember the diaper phase and exactly how I was going to change the messy diaper. Together we managed to get Lucy in clean diaper which was ultimately our goal.

Good times.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

To Grandmother's House We Go

So we ventured down to Walsh for Thanksgiving. A five hour drive in good weather. Although it snowed both going down and coming home we made it safely. We actually headed down on Wednesday afternoon and made it down for dinner. Phyllis always goes above and beyond what is needed but we appreciate the hospitality. She always has plenty to eat and it has become a tradition to do something fun with girls like building a gingerbread house or making turkey cookies. Her daughter Sue has brought the activities the past few Thanksgivings and it is always a treat for them.

Thanksgiving day I learned how to make peanut brittle. It was delicious and I think I can do it on my own now. Phyllis whipped up a great meal and all the Davison brothers, wives, and children did their best to put a dent in all the food. The cousins played, Kailei and Grandpa were singing and playing the piano, and the brothers made up a game to play similar to Balderdash for everyone to play. Never a dull moment.

We spent a very long day shopping on Saturday but got most of what we needed done. A big thanks to my mom and dad for watching the girls. I know Nic and Sydney went over there as well and Grammy had them help her with decorating the tree. Needless to say, Mom is recovering from everything today.

We set our tree up today. There is nothing better than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. It just can't help but make you smile.

29 days to Christmas..... :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Makin' Turkeys

Today we make turkeys. Not with glue and feathers but with cookies and candy. I'm not very creative when it comes to crafts but I stole this idea from someone a few years ago and have enjoyed making them with the girls. It makes me feel very domestic and who doesn't love edible turkeys? We generally make a bunch so the girls can take them to school.
Our friend Sam over for a couple of hours and she made turkeys with us as well. Now she will be able to share them with her class too. The girls played dress up amongst other things. Gotta love a house full of giggles.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Zeb is 42!

I'm elated that Zeb is older than me. For some reason it makes me feel good, though admitting I'm 40 is still difficult. Fortunately when I tell Keara her mother is old, she kindly reminds me that I'm not.

Zeb and I are indeed growing old together and I can not think of my life any other way.

Zeb's birthday was on November 7th but we celebrated this weekend together with Grammy. Her birthday is coming up shortly. My mother looks great and I hope that I look as good as she does when I'm her age.

Happy Birthday Mom and Zeb!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Each year an organization called Love Without Boundaries publishes a book called Love's Journey. The book is a fundraiser for the organization that primarily provides surgery for kid's in Chinese orphanages. The book contains lots of photos of Chinese children that have been adopted, stories and poems. It is essentially one's journey to becoming a forever family.

I'm not really a writer of any kind but every blue moon I get flash of inspiration. This was one of those times. Anyway, I submitted a poem and Kailei's picture to the organization a while ago decided to include it in the book so now I'm a published poet. (teehee) The book is now sitting on our coffee table.

I thought I would go ahead and share the poem with you.

Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through the house
Something was different, for me and my spouse

We waited all year, and at times it was tough
But the wait was all worth it, more than enough

The room was all done with such love and such care
In hopes that our baby soon would be there

Never again would our house be the same
For there’s a new addition who we’ve given our name

She comes from afar, near a land by the ocean
Where life was not easy, some say a commotion

Her life was complex from the time she was born
Girls in the family just wasn’t the norm

Her birthparents made the only choice that they could
Their decision is quite often misunderstood

It took them great strength and a whole lot of love
A gift to us all from someone above

Our family was blessed to be “the one”
To raise this little girl for we loved her a ton

She has dark brown eyes and small little ears
And her beautiful smile brings us great cheer

She dances around both our home and our heart
We hardly remember being apart

Our love for this girl could never be stronger
She comes to us now, we are lonely no longer

The love that we have transcends earth, moon and stars
And it will grow even more, for she is finally ours

@2005, C. Archer-Davison

Monday, November 12, 2007

Find your wings

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I won!

Woohoo! I won a contest. I entered a contest to have my blog redesigned by Danielle and I just got notice I won. The great thing is that the money I pay all goes to a Chinese charity called Half-the-Sky which is even better.

While I can probably fumble my way through making my blog look better, it is even nicer to have someone with an artist's talent and eye do it for me. How exciting for me! Look for the re-design soon.

The Mysterious Morgan Horse Club Meets Again

Flash back to age 10 when my life began to revolve around horses.

Today we had a reunion of the Mysterious Morgan Horse Club. Mind you, the club members really included me, my sister and her friend Susan. We would occasionally get a new member or two but they rarely stayed. The club was run by Judy Deist who lived down the street from us and really taught us everything we know about horses.

We were an interesting bunch of kids but we had fun. While involvement in the Morgan Horse world often required a substantial amount of money, we so wanted to be a part of it that we didn't care if we had to share horses and equipment between the three of us. We were the pluggers in the Morgan horse community and looking back we just crack up at the things we used to do (like selling turd birds as a fundraiser - yes, they were little creatures made out of horse and goat poop).

I'm a sentimental fool and am a keeper of items that remind me of special moments. So, that said I still boxes of artifacts from the Morgan horse club, ribbons I won at shows, speeches I wrote, newsletters I edited as a national officer and more. It was fun to dig out all of that old stuff. I told Zeb that maybe it was time to let go of some of it, but I still can't do yet. I want to share this special part of my life with the girls someday when they can understand it more. I want them to know their mother had a horse named Tiger who I loved and adored so very much, that I once won gold and silver medals riding him, that I worked hard doing something I loved and really appreciated the support and sacrifice my parents made for me. I hope that my girls find something they love just as much.

Anyway, the reunion was at my sister's house and quite fun. We reminisced and laughed out loud. What a great way to spend a Saturday. Good times.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Keara's Parent/Teacher Conference

So Friday we had an appointment with Keara's teacher. You would think that being a teacher myself would make these easier but instead I get nervous. How is Keara doing? Does the teacher think she is as smart as we do? Do we dare make a suggestion or two? Frankly, I'm clueless about elementary education and so is Zeb so really we are pretty tame and end up nodding our heads a lot.

Ms. Bremer is Keara's teacher this year and while this is only her first year teaching I have been impressed. Coyote Hills is not an easy school. It is very academic in nature. I suppose all schools are but it just seems as if there is quite a bit of work to do for first grade. Keara is taking it in stride this year. With kindergarten we would often have small battles and breakdowns and I just thought that if that kind of behavior continued, we were going to be in trouble. Fortunately, Keara is doing better. We still have the occasional meltdown but it tends to be when Keara is really tired.

Anyway, first grade is going well so far this year. Her report card indicates she is doing great and even advanced in terms of literary comprehension. Her teacher says that she loves to discuss books with Keara. She is in an advanced reading group right now and enjoying it. They are going to put her in an advanced math class and see how she does. If she likes it, great...if not, that is OK too. We certainly do not want to burn her out in first grade.

She has reading, math and spelling homework nightly. We rarely do spelling and let the cards fall as they may on her spelling tests on Friday. We just don't have the time to get to it. Often, we get home, have dinner, do homework and go to bed. There is little time, if any, for play and when she has religious education, the schedule is even tighter.

All in all we are happy because Keara is happy. She adores Ms. Bremer and enjoys school. We can't ask for anything more.

We are very proud of Miss Keara Davison and hope she is as proud of herself as we are. We are lucky parents. Would it be too much to ask for 11 more years of great parent teacher conferences? :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Visit to the Doctor's

Why yes, we made a visit to the doctor's again. Thankfully it was just for annual checkups. Keara has been long overdue since her birthday was in February but better late than never.

Both Kailei and Keara are doing fine. Kailei currently weighs 30lbs and is 37" high. She is pretty much average in terms of height and weight for her age. Keara is 53lbs and is 48" high and is in the 75th percentile in terms of height and weight. They are both growing like weeds. I find myself buying pants or shoes all the time. I can't keep up with them. Keara is eating us out of house and home. Kailei does not consume nearly as much unless it contains sugar.

I asked the doctor lots of questions but basically got no real answers. I guess my questions were pretty routine and nothing they haven't heard a million times before. Most of my questions were about Kailei since she is the one with allergies, bloody noses, eczema, etc. I will be getting a referral for Kailei to see an allergist. I think it is more for me than her. I just want to know more specifically what she is allergic too so we can try to avoid those things if possible. We ended the doctor's visit with flu shots. Needless to say the girls weren't too happy but they survived.

I told Kailei tonight that the doctor said she needed to drink more milk. She promptly added, " I can eat my candy." I think a dentist appointment is in order next. :)

Just a funny picture

Tracie sent me this picture of her cat. It just cracks me up every time I look at it so had to share. Dobbie, the cat, is having way to much fun riding the pink pony.

Fall Break

Well, after I returned from Hawaii there was still a little time left to enjoy what was left of fall break. Zeb took off Thursday night after a week of watching the girls. While he survived just fine, he deserved some time away so Thursday the girls and I had a slumber party. We played games, watched movies and slept in a tent in the playroom. It was so good to be back and around those giggles again.

Friday we had a playdate with our friend Sam at Monkey Business. Then Mom and I escaped to a movie Friday night. I had been waiting for the movie "Martian Child" to come out for forever so I just had to see it that day. It was great and I loved every moment. We both laughed and cried (OK - maybe it was just me that cried).

Saturday we went to Chinese class where they were also holding their annual holiday sale. I volunteered for a hour and then did a little shopping myself. Britt and her girls also came so we spent some time at the park with them. It was such a beautiful day that later Zeb and I decided to take the girls to the zoo. We had a great time and then went to church in Denver where Britt's family goes. She was in charge of the nursery that night so we dropped off the girls and enjoyed a kid-free mass. We actually got to hear everything that was said. Without kids, it was kinda like a date. After church, we all went out to dinner which was good time for everyone.

Sunday was low key and we just stayed around the house doing some chores. We enjoyed dinner at Mom's house because who wouldn't pass up an opportunity not to cook.

All in all I know I had a great break. I think the kids did too. I'm happy to be home however. While I loved Hawaii, I did miss the girls and Zeb. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Keara was very sweet in stating that the best part of her fall break was Halloween. I figured it was because she got buckets of candy but she said it was because that was the day I came home. Gotta love the sweetness of that child.

Back to reality now.

Friday, November 2, 2007


It has become somewhat of a tradition that we begin Halloween evening by eating pizza. We used to go out but that can get crazy with a two and three year old so we have resorted to ordering pizza and bringing it to our house.

Tracie and family always join us because trick-or-treating in Kiowa is a challenge with all the homes so far apart. So anyway, we ate and the kids headed out for a tour of the neighborhood grabbing all the candy they could. Keara and Nic always come back and dump their goodies so they can trade candy with each other. I love that they do that because Tracie and I used to do it when we were little. A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day Five in Hawaii

Another low key and relaxing day. Basically we walked, ate, read our book on the beach, ate again, read our book on the beach again, swam in the wonderfully warm water, swam in the wonderfully warm pool, watched a beautiful sunset and ate again. We are sad the trip is coming to an end. We have had a great time. Lynn and I would be happy to turn 40 again if it meant coming to Hawaii again as well.

We will be soaking up the last few rays of sun tomorrow morning and on the road in the afternoon. The trip was just amazing!!!!! A big thanks to my husband for taking such good care of the girls. You are the best Honey!


Dear Keara and Kailei,

I saw a sea turtle and a bunch of seals today. Mommy also swam in the ocean. The waves knocked me over quite a few times but it was fun. It was great talking to you today and I can't wait to see you both. Be good for Daddy. I love you. Remember your kissing hand.

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day Four in Hawaii

Fairly low key day. After our morning walk we went to the beach and read our books until lunch. It sprinkled on us a little but it passes so quickly that we didn't mind. We did get to see a monk seal that was resting on the beach so that was exciting.

After lunch we took a helicopter ride...yes, you read right...we took a 50 minute helicopter ride around the island. So much of Kauai is inaccessible by car so this was one way we could tour this amazing island. It was fantastic. I thought I might get sick but I took two dramamine and was fine. A couple of other people said they felt a little blah at times but I was fine so I was grateful the meds worked. They did however make me very drowsy and I've been trying to get my head together ever since. The dramamine made me so tired I thought about taking it tonight when I go to bed. :)

Anyway, we went to Tidepools Restaurant for dinner over at the Grand Hyatt which is just an amazing place. Great food and atmosphere. I'm still sleepy so will sign off and head for bed.

Dear Keara and Kailei,

Mommy is coming home soon. I'm bringing you both home a hula skirt and will show you how to hula dance when I get home. You would have loved the beach I was at today. I miss you. Be good for Bailey the next few days.

Big hugs and kisses to you both.

Love, Mommy

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day Three in Hawaii

So if you want a whirlwind tour of Kauai, Lynn and I would be happy to escort you. We were busy tourists today.

We started with a brisk walk down the beach which included both rain and sunshine. We then decided to drive up to the North Shore. If you follow the road, it eventually ends at Kee Beach. We then walked up the Kalalau Trail which in on the Na Pali Coast and experienced a spectacular view. After hiking back down the trail we took a peek in the Waikapala'e Wet and Dry Caves. All that hiking left us hungry so we grabbed lunch at the Polynesian Cafe in Hanalei.

Princeville is home and a popular vacation spot for the wealthy so we drove around town and dreamt about where we could stay if we were millionaires. Dreams are always fun, right?

The Kilauae Lighthouse attracted our attention so we zipped over to this state park which is also a bird sanctuary. In the winter months it is a popular spot for humpback whales. Oh, how I wish we were here a few months later since I would love to see the whales. It was spectacular view anyhow with the waves crashing against the coast.

We stopped to browse artisans at a local craft fair and then headed off for a quick trip to Opaekaa Falls and Waileu Falls where we sipped coconut milk from a real coconut. We then went to the Lydgate State Park which has another beautiful beach.

We did a little more shopping at Coconut Grove, ate dinner and came home. Whew! I think beach and relaxation is in order for tomorrow.

On another note, Zeb is attending the World Series tonight with his brother Curtis. I know how excited he is (like a kid in a candy store). Hope the Rockies due well. Cross your fingers.

Dear Keara and Kailei,

Hope you are having a nice weekend with Daddy. I know you spent time with Grammy and Poppy today. Mommy is thinking about you every day. I miss you and Daddy tons and love you very much.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day Two in Hawaii

So today we took our books and headed to the beach. The trade winds were blowing hard but the wind is warm and still enjoyable. We spent most of the day just hanging out which has been relaxing.

Tonight we attended a luau. It was fun too. Lots of beautiful dancing and of course the traditional Polynesian fire dance.

I'm hoping to sleep tonight. Bought some ear plugs. ;)

Keara and Kailei,
So nice to talk with you both tonight. Please be good for Daddy. Mommy will be home soon. I love you and think of you lots. Sweet dreams girls. Love, Mommy

Friday, October 26, 2007

My First Day in Hawaii

Oh my goodness, how beautiful this place is! Wish you all could be with me.

I believe I'm now jinxed in terms of travel. Our plane was delayed in Denver, we missed out connecting flight and we arrived with no luggage. Sound similar to the Virginia trip? I feel like it was but we won't dwell on that day and will focus on the days to come.

Since we arrived late at night we were unable to see anything so the first thing we did was tour the grounds and see the glorious ocean. I would love to be able to send you pictures but you will have to wait to see those when I return.

After walking around a bit Lynn and I then went to Spouting Horn which is a hole where water comes through some rock kinda like old faithful in Yellowstone. We were surrounded by the local wildlife which around here are roosters and chickens...they are everywhere. Cracks me up.

We then decided to drive to Waimea Canyon which is similar to the Grand Canyon and just breathtaking. It was well worth the drive. I got a little car sick with all the twists and turns in the road but I think it would have been worse if I had been the passenger. Lynn handled it fine though.

After viewing the canyon we piddled through some small towns, stopped at some little shops, and went to the Kauai Kookie Factory.

We then headed into Lihue to do some more shopping since it was a little cloudy. We found charms for our charm bracelets which is a traveling tradition and picked up a few souvenir items here and there.

Traffic gets pretty heavy at rush hour so we stayed in Lihue and went to a Kilahuna (?)Plantation. We actually crashed the tour group that was there and joined in the fun. Most folks were there for a luau but since we didn't have tickets we took a horse drawn carriage ride around the place and ate a restaurant on the grounds. Lynn and I were both underdressed but what can you do. We laughed a lot about crashing the tour group and went with the flow. I had prime rib and enjoyed every bite.

Lynn is snoring quite loudly so my sleep has been hampered. I'm hoping to catch a nap today at the beach.

Having a great time. Will try and blog more later.

P.S. Big hugs and kisses to Keara, Kailei and Zeb. I love and miss you guys.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colorado Weather

Well, yesterday was a beautiful fall day and today marks the first snow of the season. Colorado's weather is very unpredictable but that is what we love about it. It should be back up into the 70's later in the week. Go figure.

Halloween with Horses

Yesterday, we spent another beautiful fall day attending Halloween with Horses. It is an annual event here in Parker which seems to grow larger and more expensive every year. Regardless of the cost it is quite fun to be out on this beautiful horse park taking hay rides, trick-or-treating in the barn and watching the horse costume contest. The Archer's were out in full force and some of my mom group friends attended as well. It was a little windy but we still had a good time.

To view some pictures follow the link...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Best Secret Ever

So Kailei quietly knocked on our door at 5a.m this morning. She opened it and came around to my side of the bed. "Mom, Mom...I have a secret for you." Groggy and weary eyed, I asked, "What Kailei?" "I love you.", she replied. "And I love daddy too!" And with that said, she trotted off and back to her room. What a great way to start the morning.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy Saturday

Another busy Saturday for the Davison's. We started by taking Kailei to Chinese. For some reason I just realized that I have not been practicing the language like I should with her. We are supposed to review all that she learns throughout the week and somehow I just plain forgot that was an expectation. Bad mom. I'll try and be better. I promise (now, if I could just find the cd and lessons....).

We headed north for a haircut after Chinese class. It takes the majority of the day to get a haircut for the girls in this house since we travel 1 1/2 hours by car to Greeley to get it done. I know you think I'm crazy but it is worth the drive to Greeley to have my friend Shari cut my hair. Having curly hair is a curse and one has to do what one has to do to look half way decent. In my case it means driving to Greeley. Shari has been cutting my hair since college. She has been there through college graduation, marriages, births and I love her friendship. No one can say I'm not devoted. It has actually become a great girls day as Grammy joined us a few years ago and makes the trek with us. Keara got a special hairdo as she had a glamour birthday party to attend.

So then we drove home, had Keara change clothes and headed west to the birthday party. Since Keara was tied up and we didn't want to drive all the way back home only to have to turn around again, we took the opportunity and went to church. We then took Kailei to Gunther Toody's for dinner which is a 50's diner. Kailei continues to surprise us with what she will eat and so she had some catfish fingers for dinner. She loved the tarter sause and was licking the bowl when we left.

After we picked Keara up I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to pierce Kailei's ears. Keara got hers done when she was four but for some reason today I had the urge to get Kailei's done. We were near a store, Zeb was with me, there was not a line and we had time to kill so the cards seemed align to get it done. Kailei was a trooper. Obviously she cried but it was short lived and the pain seemed to lesson with purchase of a princess notebook and calculator.

Both girls crashed on the way home from their busy day. Shortly after putting them to bed, their parents crashed too.