Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Pooped Puppy

Monday, September 15, 2008

Too Cute!

Both Kailei and Keara have started religious education.  It will be a significant year for Keara as she will make her first communion in early May.  Keara attended last year but this is Kailei's first year. 

Fortunately both girls really enjoy it and lately we have enjoyed all the little songs Kailei comes home singing.  They end up sticking in your head but guess you could have worse.  

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember

I remember I was in the computer lab
I remember the word spreading like wildfire
I remember watching the TV in the media center
I remember a surreal feeling
I remember crying
I remember a sense of panic as I thought about family back east
I remember thinking of my new infant and my own family
I remember the pain and suffering I felt for every person 
I remember the revived patriotism in our country 
I remember walking the streets of Ground Zero 40 days after
I remember feeling sick
I remember courageous people
I remember healing with the passage of time
I remember and I won't ever forget

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Church Carnival

We went to the church carnival on Sunday with our friends the Wyman's. It had an international theme with games to play, food to eat, and plenty of entertainment. Really it was quite enjoyable and reasonably priced.

Keara won a cake at the cake walk and was very excited. She is lucky when it comes to cake walks because this is not just the first time she has won before.

Kailei enjoyed the jumping castles and slides.

We had a nice time and the kids came home pooped and ready for a nap.

Grammy and Poppy Are Home!

Yeah! Grammy and Poppy finally made it back home after five week vacation. We missed them very much and are glad to have them back.

MWCC Annual Picnic

Well, Saturday we had the annual MWCC picnic (not that we don't picnic together all the time) but this was the "official" one. We went to a nearby park in Parker. It was nice until dinner time when about a million mosquitoes showed up and began to eat everyone alive. Who knew?! Despite the cloud of mosquito repellent we still had a good time. The kids are just too darn cute and we love our MWCC family.

We Have Butterflies!

Well, the butterflies were born on Saturday. We were very excited to have them around even for a short time. My fear is that they won't live long once we set them free due to the cold but I also don't want them to lay any eggs either so they are flying free as I write this.

Kailei loved the whole process of growing butterflies. Perhaps we have a scientist on our hands?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Uncle Curtis

Zeb's brother Curtis left town today. He is moving to Richmond, Virginia and while we will love the opportunity to visit him, we sure are going to miss him around here. Goodbye Uncle Curtis. We love you!

Growing Butterflies

Kailei received a great birthday gift this year that is allowing her to watch caterpillars turn into butterfly's. She is absolutely loving this. We watched the tiny caterpillars grow big and fat and now they are in their chrysalis stage. She talks about them all the time and we are enjoying her excitement. Anybody know what butterflies eat? :)

Labor Day

Still trying to squeeze in some relaxation, I took the kids to the pool this morning and met Britt and the girls there. It was probably the most crowded I've ever seen the pool but enjoyable nonetheless.

At the last minute, I decided to call the Wyman's and Lawrence's for a spur-of-the-moment bbq which was great. Nothing fancy but the food and company were great.

All in all, we had a FANTASTIC labor day weekend.

Now, back to reality. :)

Labor Day Get-a-way

Well, we managed to get a condo up in Copper Mountain for the weekend. It was free so we really could not pass it up. We headed up late Friday night so we could get an early start on Saturday and make the most of everything.

Turns out we were slow moving around so got a later start than we wanted but it was relaxing to just puz around the condo. When we finally made it out, we walked around the Copper Mountain complex. It is a nice ski resort area. There was a country music festival of sorts going on so we got to visit some booths and enjoy some music. We ate some of the vendor food found at the festival for lunch and found outselves back in the condo and seeking a nap. The girls sleep well while I read a book on the patio and Zeb went for a bike ride. Very relaxing for everyone.

Around 3:30pm Tracie, Gary and cousins came to join us for an evening. Naturally the kids loved to see other and it made it special to just be out of town for the weekend. Of course when they arrived, it started to rain which was a bummer but didn't damper any spirits. The rain was short lived so we found a place to have dinner and came back for a movie and popcorn night.

Sunday the kids woke up really early which meant we all woke up early. We headed off to breakfast and then enjoyed some time in the sun sitting by a creek. The kids had fun throwing rocks in the water and looking for fish. Not surprisingly, Kailei took a dive into the creek. Oh boy, was she upset and the water was very cold. Zeb was right there to catch her but she was not a happy camper. We made a quick trip back to the condo to change Kailei's clothes and then headed out to partake in some activities around Copper Mountain. The kids were dying to do this bungee jump trampoline thing so we bought them all tickets for that and they had a great time. We then went up the chair lift that took us to the top of one of the mountains where we walked around and enjoyed the view. Trying to beat any rain that might come in we headed down the mountain shortly after and headed to Frisco. It is a small town just east of Copper Mountain. We were hoping to rent a kayak but they were all taken so we had a picnic lunch, rode our bikes and walked down by the marina. As the rain came in once again, we took the kids swimming.

We decided to wrap up our stay in Copper Mountain late Sunday night as we wanted to try and beat traffic.

It was a great get-a-way and we really enjoyed our time with the Wenzel crew.

See here for pictures of the trip.

Copper Mtn web

Friday Kick-Off

We kicked off the weekend by squeezing in some pool time. The Wyman's, Lawrence's, and Suter-Trautman's joined us for some fun in the sun and some pizza for dinner. We love when the dad's come to the pool as they are great entertainment for the girls. No one really plays as well as daddy does and the mom's enjoy our time gabbing.

It was a great way to kick of the weekend. Thanks everyone!