Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stars Are Born

Well, we have had an exciting week. The Missoula Children's theatre was holding auditions for Snow White and Keara and Kailei decided to try out. The show is actually done in a weeks time frame so there was a lot of workto do but the girls loved it. Yesterday was the performance and both shows were sold out. We were fortunate to have Grammy and Poppy get tickets and then our friends the Wyman's came as well. The girls were beyond excited. It was a fantastic experience for them both and they were so darn cute. Naturally I loved every minute of it myself. While I'm a little old to audition I did stay after and help them break down the set. I had a good time doing that. Sure brought back memories. Anyway, the girls are looking forward to auditioning for another show. Who am I to hold to them back?

Monday, February 15, 2010

MWCC Chinese New Year

Our annual MWCC Chinese New Year party was Saturday. Not all the families could make it which but we had a great time. Beth does a fabulous job with crafts, Jeanne provided the location this year and the rest of us chipped in for dinner, drinks, decorations and deserts. This is such a special group and I'm so happy to ring the new year in with them all.

Keara's Birthday

Keara turned nine this week and celebrated with a few of her friends. She decided to go to Jump Street which is a trampoline place and then we took the kids to Gunther Tooty's 50's diner for dinner. The girls were all great and I know Keara had a great time. Kailei got to bring her friend Frances and celebrated as well. This was the biggest friend party we've ever had. Not sure if I will do it every year but it sure was fun. I did however mess up and forget to get goody bags but Britt bailed me out and did a last minute run for me. So grateful she lives so close.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MWCC Surprise Shower

We managed to surprise Britt on Monday with a small baby shower. She really didn't want one but we couldn't pass the chance to celebrate. I lured her to coffee and the rest of the mom's surprise her. With Jeanne leaving soon to get Matthew we will have some boys running around the place. Things could get pretty exciting around here. So happy for these mom's.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Theatre Outing

Keara and I escaped on Sunday to see "Legally Blond" at the Denver Center. She is really enjoying the theatre and I am loving that she is. The show was great. At one point the lead stated that "her signature color was pink." Keara immediately asked what my signature color was. I'm sure she was not as excited to hear that mine is brown.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our New Godson

What we thought would be an ordinary Saturday turned extraordinary when we were asked to be Thomas' godparents. We were touched and honored and humbled and blessed to have been asked by the Wyman's. We hope to do you and Thomas proud. Can't wait until he is home!

Chinese New Year

It is the year of the tiger and we kicked off Chinese New Year with a performance from JCCC (the school that Kailei goes to on Saturday). She sang a song and performed a dance. I wasn't able to see her while she was singing because she was behind a bigger group of kids but it fun to watch her dance. When asked if she was ready for the dance she said she had "practiced 90 times". I had to laugh because it is so true. She has practiced the same dance over and over all year. It seems to be typical of a Chinese dance class. Anyway, we loved her performance and we were very proud of her.