Monday, March 31, 2008

A Trip to the Museum

Today we went to the Museum of Natural History. We met friends from my mom's group and had a great time. I haven't been to the museum in years but have found myself there twice already this year (Thanks to Britt for getting us in).

The girls really seem to enjoy it. I'm surprised how much Keara reads and remembers later on. I'm so glad we have these opportunities in Denver. I'm not sure I could live in such a remote location that I would not have access to museums, theatres and the like.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Every once in a while Kailei will do something that reminds me that Chinese blood runs through those little veins of hers. Today it presented itself when she was watching tv.
Looking quite comfortable, she was squatting on the coffee table in the den. In China, we often saw people squatting. It seemed to be as comfortable for them to squat as it is for us to sit on a chair. You ran into folks doing it just about everywhere. She really does it quite often and it is nothing that we've ever modeled for her. Makes me wonder.

Spring Break Is Here!

Spring break has finally arrived so we are planning on having a little fun and enjoying ourselves. My big wish is to sleep in a little but the odds of doing that aren't great. I can dream, can't I?

We kicked the week off with Kailei and I going to Monkey Business while Keara was in dance class. Then we met Zeb and Keara for dinner.

On Saturday we decided to have Nic and Sydney spend the night. This was a first time for Sydney and while I was a little nervous, all went well. Actually, it was Keara and Kailei who seemed to have some issues (at bedtime). Overall, it went well.

We celebrated Earth hour the same night so for one hour we were all running around with flashlights and eating sundaes by candlelight. Keara has suggested we have earth hour every night she enjoyed it so much. It is actually something we are going to think about doing every once in a while. It really was a lot of fun.

I have to share a couple of pictures of the cousins but ironically they were doing similar things on different floors of the house. I thought it was cute.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Proud Moment

Between homework, dance class, religious education, playdates, household to do's and life in general we forget. We forget how precious time is. We forget to celebrate the little things. We forget to take time to just revel in the here and now.

Today we did. Today Keara received a personal integrity award and once again, we were reminded how wonderful life is and how richer our lives have become with the two little girls that light up our lives on a daily basis.

We are so proud of Keara.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

Well, the long awaited Easter bunny finally arrived this morning. We were up bright and early to go to church and the girls were very patient. They barely got to look in their baskets before we headed out. Church was crowded as expected so we had to go to the basement but the girls were very well behaved.

We came back home and the girls searched for their eggs which was quite fun to watch. I cooked up some bacon and eggs and then Mom and Dad took a little nap while the kids pigged out on candy.

We headed to Grammy and Poppy's for lunch this afternoon. Zeb's brother Mitch and his family joined us which simply added more fun to the occasion. Mom fixed a great lunch and the kids enjoyed playing with each other. Uncle Mark hid a bunch of eggs outside so there was a Easter egg hunt, bubbles and kite flying taking place in the wonderfully warm weather.

Once again however we are reminded of this special day and thank God for all the many blessings in our lives.

Keara Wins a Coloring Contest

Last week we went out for breakfast (which is a very rare occurrence) and Keara entered a coloring contest. This morning the folks from Village Inn called and we found out she won. How fun is that! She won a pretty nice Easter basket that we picked up before heading to Grammy and Poppy's. Needless to say she was thrilled.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting Ready for the Easter Bunny

Tonight we went over to Grammy's to dye Easter eggs. The kids had a blast. Eggs were flying everywhere and the kids had them done in no time flat. Ironically it was not as messy as expected. Whew!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Keara's Day

For most of us it is St. Patrick's Day but in our house it is "Keara's Day". We have lots of Chinese celebrations but St. Patrick's Day is reserved for the Irish folk in her house and currently Keara thinks it is all about her. Who can argue? We wore lots of green today and ate green cupcakes after dinner. She had the option to do some dancing with her troup but opted out and we didn't push her. Hopefully next year she might do a little dance for us as well but for now we will just say, Happy Keara's Day everyone. :)

Kailei and Church

Well, I'm not sure three year olds are at their best in a quiet environment. I know Kailei struggles and we certainly do too. And while it isn't always easy to keep her entertained, she often manages to make it through church without too many issues. We bring books and food which is ultimately the best at keeping her quiet. Actually, Kailei associates church with gum. The minute she walks in the door she asks for a piece of gum. I'm guilty of supporting her habit but it does keep her quiet for a short while. This week however, Kailei was not at her best.

Twice, the church was dead silent and twice we hear Kailei loud and clear. Actually - everyone heard Kailei loud and clear.

I was holding her in my arms at some point and decided to put her down as she is getting very heavy these days. "Mom, you hurt my bottom!", she cried loudly. I think my face turned red. Unsure of what I did she continued to cry and state the sentence repeatedly. I prayed.

I then asked Keara to take her to get a drink of water to quiet her down and sure enough she comes running at full speed down the aisle of the church yelling and crying..."Keara wouldn't let me have another drink of water!". I ran down the aisle to meet her, scooping her up in my arms and desperately trying to maintain the peaceful environment one expects in church. Sigh... I prayed some more.

Whew! It is times like these you can't help but laugh and hope those moms and dads with children appreciate it isn't their child this time.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

This was the first weekend in a while which was not booked solid but it only takes a moment for that to change and spend our days seeing family and friends.

Friday night we went to see Beauty and the Beast and my school. I took the girls and while Keara loved it, the beast was a bit much for Kailei to handle. She did make it through the show but not without crying a bit and hiding in mom's arms.

Saturday was mellow. Did a little Easter shopping and then headed off to church. We met up with Mom, Tracie and crew and ended up going over there to eat dinner. Why does Mom's food just taste better than mine? Maybe it is the fact that I don't have to cook it. Anyway, I love just sitting around my parents house and just talking. I sure don't get the opportunity to do it as much as I would like these days.

Sunday we watched Frances and Lucy. Nothing like having four kids in the house to keep you on your toes. Actually, it really is pretty easy. Today we went to the park, Keara painted the girl's nails, we did a little artwork and had a talent show. Loads of fun. The kids play great together and Keara and Kailei are sad to see them leave each time.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

At The Doctor Again

I've lost hope in the idea that Kailei will grow up to become a doctor. The idea of going is not so bad for her but the reality when the doctor walks in is a whole other story. She just hates it. She doesn't like being poked at and I don't blame her.

This week she had to have an renal ultrasound to check some things out and then underwent another test which was quite invasive and she pretty much screamed the entire time. I tried bribing her with donuts but alas that was not going to help her get through the torture of being at the doctor.

I seemed to pick the appointments where she needs to be held down by multiple people and it just breaks your heart to hear her scream. You know it is in her best interest but gosh, it still is hard.

We hope there is nothing serious going on. She had a bladder infection which prompted the additional tests so we are just keeping our fingers crossed that all is well for our Kailei-bug.