Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Theatre Date

Escaped with Zeb to the theater today. We went and saw Forbidden Broadway which is a show I have always wanted to see when I'm in New York. It was a good laugh and just nice to be together. I look forward to these theater date.

Stock Show

Poor Kailei is so allergic to animals that going to the stock show is torture for her. So when I heard that she had a sleepover Saturday night I decided to get tickets for the rodeo for Zeb, Keara and I. Keara and I went early and had a great time just walking around. It was probably a little too early but Keraa took it in stride and we enjoyed each other's company which isn't easy to do with a teenager these days

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun with Judith

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Wishes for You

Being a teenager is not easy as anyone who has lived through it knows. As I watch my daughter begin to navigate this tumultuous path, I find myself wishing so many things for this young lady that I am blessed to parent.

I wish you strength. So that you may hold true to yourself in challenging times.

I wish you tolerance. So that you may come to accept the many different people in this world.

I wish you forgiveness. Because there will be times that you feel betrayed or hurt.

I wish you love.  That you may experience love that is magical.

I wish you hope. So you realize that tomorrow is another day.

I wish you friendship. From someone that truly believes in you and accepts you for who you are. 

I wish you humor. Because being able to laugh lights up the world.

I wish you harmony. That you can find peace in the day-to-day struggles that are put before you. 

I wish you happiness. To enjoy doing whatever you do and live each moment as it if was your last. 

I wish perseverance. So that when times are difficult you continue to move forward and not give up. 

I wish you patience. Knowing that things won't always be easy.

I wish you faith. To carry you through the darkest times.

Lastly, I wish that you can see yourself through the eyes of those that love you most for you are a beautiful person both inside and out. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


"You've never even played basketball Mom. It's one of your many faults."


Me: "Be careful please. You almost hit me in the face while you were twirling around."
Kailei: "The important thing is I didn't. Let's move on and live in the moment."


Picked up Kailei to take her to dance and first thing she said was "How art thou?"


Me: Are those your socks on the floor?
Kailei: Let's not play the blame game Mother.


Kailei to Zeb...
"You're online gaming name should be King GreyStreak." (a slam at his real hair)


Playing a video game...
Me: "I don't understand this game."
Kailei: "Of course you don't. You're not an online gamer. You're an online worker Mom."


"If you don't like stuffed animals, you're dead to me."


Playing a game in the car with Kailei where Zeb and I have to guess who knows her better by answering questions.
K: "What is my favorite flower? And keep in mind I don't know that many flowers."
After I lost the 800 point question...
"You really do need to get to know me better Mom."

New Years Eve

Got invited to spend New Year's Eve with friends. Unfortunately Keara was sick so she couldn't join us but Zeb, Kailei and myself headed over to the Merwin-Olk's where we enjoyed a wonderful night of food, friendship and fun. We all managed to stay up until midnight and watch the ball drop. And then we crashed.