Sunday, June 22, 2008


This year marks our 15th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?! Neither can I. The time has gone by so quickly. Seems like yesterday we were on first date. I was sick as a dog but didn't want to miss it. We went to the Parade of Lights and had Chinese food (though the thought of Chinese food that night just made my stomach even worse). I so wanted to be on that date and find that I still look forward to the times we steal away together.

Now our life is spent parenting two beautiful girls and I would not have it any other way. Zeb is a fantastic dad and a great husband (he puts up with me). We have certainly had our ups and downs as all married couples do but overall, I think I'll keep him. The fifteen years have been wonderful and I believe my life is truly blessed.

Google Bound!

Well, as much as I love summer I'm going to put the flip flops away this week and head for California. I applied to be a part of the Google Teacher Academy and was so very lucky to be accepted. I'm excited, nervous and a little overwhelmed but it should be a great time and is most certainly a great opportunity. I'm leaving for California on Tuesday and will return on Friday.

Part of the application process involved creating a short video. Below was the video I submitted.

CCAI Activities

Every year the adoption agency has their annual carnival and picnic. We've participated ever since Kailei has been home and we really enjoy ourselves. While I consider myself very lucky to have the family I do, I owe so much to our adoption agency for completing our family. They really are top-notch and I'm grateful for all the support and resources they provide each and every day (and of course, all the fun activities as well).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playing Church the Catholic Way

Kailei surprised me this morning when she came up to my desk and offered me a "mint". She put her hands together, closed her eyes, bowed her head and offered me a "mint". I was a little confused at first but then she clarified by stating she was pretending she was at chuch. Too cute! (Of course, the blue hands and lips were an added touch.)

Summer Update

Well, we've been busy since summer started.

We already had a few playdates with friends, played in the sprinker, rode our bikes, been to the Denver Puppet Theatre, the zoo, the pool and had a great birthday/father's day celebration out at Tracie's house.

We have another busy few days ahead of us so I'm trying to get the girls rested up.

Gotta love all this time to play. I work hard during the school year but play hard during the summer too. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Has Finally Arrived

It's official. It's summer. No worries. No stress. Life is good.

Kicked things off with a playdate and then had ice cream sandwiches. Doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kailei's Dance Recital

Well, Kailei did a great job at her dance recital. We were all pleasantly surprised given the fact that she barely moved during the Chinese New Year song and dance. Today she was on top of it and we were oh so proud of her. Grammy came to the dress rehearsal and Grandpa and Grandma joined us for the actual recital. Tickets were expensive but worth every penny. Kailei enjoyed herself and just loved getting flowers. After the recital we celebreated by going out for Chinese. It was a great evening.

Donuts with Dad

Friday at Keara's school they had "Donuts with Dad" to celebrate Father's Day. In our house, every day is Father's Day since both the girls are really "Daddy's girls". That said, I know Zeb had a great time at Keara's school. She put together a little book about him.

Give Dad a Hand by Keara
My Dad is handy. He is good at doing things like "computers".
My Dad gives me a hand playing. Together we like to play "bad mitten".
My Dad gives me a hand when I do something well. He was proud of me when I "am right on a test".
My Dad gives me a hand with my homework. My best subject is "reading".
I like to walk hand-in-hand with my dad. Let's take a walk today, Dad!