Friday, February 29, 2008

Keara's Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I'm sorry I lost my teeth tooth fairy. Please come.

Dear Keara,
Thank you for the kind note. I am sorry to hear you lost your teeth. I am sure you will find them someday, and when you do, just leave them under your pillow and I will take them.

And please don't be frightened of me! I'm not scary at all - I'm not very tall, and I'm always smiling. I'm just a happy girl like you.

Your friend,
The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I like the note. Can you see what people are doing? I floss and brush my teeth very good now.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Bread Box

Never under estimate a toddler's ability to get out of taking medicine. Once again we found ourselves at the doctor with Kailei this past week. Turns out she had a bladder infection. Took us a while to figure it out but sure enough by the end of the week we were getting the picture.

Friday they put her on some nasty tasting medicine. Apparently we didn't how bad it was until we turned around and found little Miss Kailei crawling into the bread box on the counter. Fortunately we found the power of skittles in luring little ones out of their hiding places. Whew!

Monday, February 18, 2008

No School

No school today so that means playdate. We went to the museum today with our friends Britt, Frances and Emily. As usual we had a great time. The girls are just growing up so fast and I enjoy watching their personalities continue to blossom.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthday Madness Continues

The birthday celebration continued this weekend for Keara as Grandma and Grandpa came into town. Both the Davison's and the Archer's got together to celebrate this seven year old's life. We ate, we opened presents, we played, we ate more and had a grand 'ole time. Keara was showered with gifts thanks to everyone's generosity and it was fun to watch her open her gifts. She is grateful for them all and we are certainly grateful for having this little girl in our lives.

She brightens up our day and surprises us with her kind and sensitive ways. Keara makes parenting easy though I have seen glimpses of what could possibly be during the teenage years. She is smart and funny and we love her with all our heart.

I took some time Monday evening and recalled the evening and day of her birth. Keara was facinated at hearing the story. We don't often tell her enough how special that moment in our lives was for us but I'm going to work on telling her more often. We are much better at telling Kailei about her story but it is easier to not have to explain about water breaking and how babies come out. :)

Here are some picture highlights....

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Other Loves in My Life

My Valentine

While I spend most of my time writing about the girls, I need to take a moment and share how wonderful and lucky I am to be married to such a great guy. He is indeed my true valentine and I don't often spend the time telling him so.

Ever since Keara was born, valentine's day generally comes and goes getting overshadowed by birthday plans. Earlier in the week, we once again decided not to do anything for each other and just try and get through the week. I did manage to get him a card and print up a cute picture of the girls but nothing more than that.

Some of you know just how creative my husband can be when he puts his mind to it. While it has been a while since I've seen those creative juices flowing, I was the recipient this week of a unique box of chocolates on valentines day.

It was a box of "first dates". The box hand crafted out of construction paper. Inside I found individually wrapped kisses, each with a small slip of paper inside as well. On these pieces of papers I found faded memories which were suddenly brought to life as I read each one. A fragment of a sentence and a date soon triggered a flood of wonderful moments spent over the last 18 years with Zeb. And while not always perfect, I could not imigine it being any better.

Here are some of the highlights....

December 1989 - first date
February 1990 - first "I love you"
September 1990 - first weekend get-a-way together
December 1992 - first christmas together
November 1993 - first Thanksgiving together
July 1994 - first night in our own house
July 1994 - first puppy got as a couple
July 1998 - first trip outside the U.S. together
July 1999 - first faxed love letter (to Japan)
February 2001 - first baby
July 2005 - first adoption

And the list goes on....

Monday, February 11, 2008


I stayed home from work today with Kailei. She seemed very sick on Sunday and we thought she had a very bad cold. She coughed through the night and I was sure she was going to be miserable today so I called into work and told them I'd be working from home today.

Turns out she was just fine. No coughing. No sign of illness. Now we feel like horrible parents because we are pretty sure she might have been having an allergic reaction to something or perhaps an ashma attack of some sort. We are so clueless with this child.

Well, we had some quality time together today and I sure enjoyed it. I have to share a couple of statements she made because they made me laugh today....

"What would you like for lunch today Kailei?", I asked.
"Chocolate chips would be very tasty.", she replied. (a girl after my own heart)

Driving to pick up Keara today I was sucking on a cough drop. Kailei told me, "I can smell your germs."

Chinese New Year

Another wonderful Chinese New Year celebration was had on Saturday. All our friends from the MWCC group got together at our clubhouse for another fun filled evening. Everyone chips in to make this evening a success and it is just a blast. The kids played, made puppets, dipped fortune cookies, colored and more. We are so lucky to have all these folks in our lives.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Keara's Birthday Blast

Keara decided she wanted a party for her birthday. In the past she usually took a friend or two somewhere and since she has never asked for a party before, we had a hard time saying no. With only six girls in her class, it was easy to be able to invite them all.

Everything was set to go, until Zeb got sick. I was too scared to do this alone so I commendeered my mother into assisting me. We took the girls to Monkey Business to begin the evening. Initially the group of girls frightened us. Their energy was overwhelming and getting them to listen was a challenge. Once in the playroom, the girls were just fine. They ran themselves ragged and mom and I just had to keep an eye on them.

After Monkey Business we took them to Gunther Toody's which is a 50's diner. We had a little talk with the girls about behavior and they were just great. Lots of good food and giggles filled the place.
Keara was showered with gifts and has been playing with them all weekend.

She had a great time which is most important.

We will have a family party this weekend when Grandma and Grandpa come up.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sisterly Love?

At this very moment the girls are upstairs arguing. I can hear the screaming and the crying. I once attended a love and logic class that said I should let them work it out but gosh... to hear all the commotion and not do anything is tough.

So, I'm going to my latest happy place which was last night to share some cute pictures with you.

The kids were out playing in the snow last night when Zeb was shoveling and came in freezing. While I was making hot chocolate for them, I looked over and saw them arm in arm sharing a blanket in front of the fire. Oh, how I love to capture those moments.

Later that night they wanted to sleep together. I recently told them that the MWCC group is planning a camping trip (yes, I know you what you are thinking about me and camping but nevertheless we are going). Keara is absolutely thrilled and has been talking about it ever since. Kailei just keeps asking if this is the night we are going. June will not be coming soon enough if this continues. Anyway, Keara stated she wants to "practice" sleeping in a tent so therefore last night they did just that. Just another moment to remember when they are screaming at each other.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kailei Gets Stage Fright

Kailei has been attending JCCC since September. Recently the girls began working on a song to sing during the program. I was very excited to be going and of course thought for sure that Kailei would have no problem getting on the stage and singing. I even invited Grammy and Poppy thinking they would enjoy seeing her as well. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

So today was the JCCC Chinese New Year celebration. Kailei was singing and dancing all morning. I was sure she was going to be just fine but just in case I added a little extra incentive by telling her that we would celebrate her performance with a some ice cream after it was over.

Now granted, I should have known better as the show was occuring during nap time. Getting her down early was not going to happen. Waking her up is no piece of cake either so we just decided to keep her moving throughout the day.

She looked cute as a bug (as did every other little girl). The place was festive. The costumes for all the students were great. I so enjoyed being there. What a great way to kick off Chinese New Year!

She was doing great watching the program but when it came time for Kailei to get on stage I could just see something snap inside her little brain. Whether she was tired, scared, shy...I don't know but she just stood there. I prodded her on stage but there was to be no singing or dancing. Bummer.

Guess there is always next year.