Sunday, December 31, 2017

Family Pics

New Years Eve

Kailei, Zeb and I spent New Year's Eve at the Peterson's.  Keara attended her own party which was great. 

Ate some baked ziti, and played a new game for most of the evening.  The new game was Wits and Wagers and it is one I would recommend. 

Left before midnight as we like to be home.  Kailei got to watch the ball drop in NY on TV so her New Year's Eve was complete. 

Always nice to kick off the new year with friends.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Theatre Date

Enjoyed a night out with my husband.  Perhaps we are in a rut.  Had dinner at Carmine's and then went to the theatre.  We do this a lot but can't say we don't enjoy it.  And this musical was great! 

My Beautiful Daughter (picture taken by Kailei)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Having Fun at Grammy's

Archer Family Dinner

Our annual Archer night out happened today.  We try to do it before Christmas but there was no time.  Plus we really wanted to wait until Kevin's family was in town.  Ended up at Mt. Fugi and as usual we all loved the food.  Kids enjoyed being with each other.  Not sure Dad could hear anything but that is pretty much the case in any restaurant these days. 

Traditional After Christmas Shopping

Like cookie day, I can't remember how many year Judith and I have been doing this but its been a lot.  We used to be crazy shoppers but have mellowed out over the years.  Now we just putz around until we find a Hanukkah and Christmas gift to get for each other, eat a little lunch and catch a movie.  Always a good time.

Cousin Sleepover

Had to have the boys for a sleepover.  I love when the girls can be with their cousins and Sydney was even able to join in.  Lots of games were played, and they enjoyed a trip to the park in the beautiful weather we have been having.  Good times.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Archer Christmas

Blessed to be able to celebrate another Christmas with family.  We tend to do the same things but Keara stated that was just all a part of the tradition. She even went through every little thing we do.  It made Mom happy to hear it means a lot to her. 

We missed having Mark around but it was so much more important that he be with his wife on their first Christmas together.  He defiantly surprised her by showing up in Scotland unannounced. 

Had an amazing breakfast and got to clean the kitchen faster this year because Poppy finally sprung for a new dishwasher.  What a treat to now have that!

Again we were spoiled by Grammy and Poppy's generosity.  That said, Keara wins the prize for best gifts.  Her homemade gifts make us all look bad.  Next year we are making her go last. 

Kevin came mid-afternoon and we all enjoyed a turkey dinner. Some more gifts were opened and Mark and Caroline skyped in to see the boys open their gifts.  There is always humor in what gets given.  This year the boys got some posters that Mark picked out especially for them (Wonder Woman, Catnis and a Star Wars one).  I gave the boys a nose basketball game that provided hours of entertainment.

The cousins don't get to see each other that often so begged Grammy for a sleepover.  She wasn't prepared but who could say no to those faces.  They had a great time. 

Keara's Homemade Christmas Gifts

Furry Nativity

Christmas Morning

Getting Christmas gifts for two teenagers is hard and pricey.  Not sure it was a best year for gift giving but the girls were grateful nonetheless.  This year I told the kids they get five gifts.  One that they want, one that they need, one thing to wear, one thing to read and on charity to donate money to.  Seemed to work out well. 

Keara got a leather jacket (which she is returning), some books, clothes, a Harry Potter blanket and some cash.  She wanted to donate money to the ASPCA.

Kailei got some pajamas, a book, a new bow for archery, and a 3d doogle pen.  She donated money to Make a Wish.

Keara made her gifts - a joy jar for Kailei, a mug for me and a glass batman etching for Zeb.  We loved them. 

Zeb got a new monitor for his computer.  Hopefully it will help his vision a bit.  The dogs got some new treats and stuffed animals to disassemble.  All in all it was great. It always goes fast because we are anxious to get to Grammy's. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas mass was PACKED.  We got there an hour early and we were sent to the overflow room.  Luckily Gary and Tracie reserved some seats for us.  It was crazy. 

Christmas Eve dinner was at our house this year.  The usual food (cold cuts, chips, veggie tray, potatoe salad, etc). 

We managed to get some pictures in before the kids changed. 

My friend Judith joined us and we all had a merry 'ol time.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cookie Day!

We had one day that free to make cookies and luckily it worked out for Lynn too.  We cut back a little this year since Mark was not going to be around.  Still we made sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, split seconds, rice krispie treats, fudge and covered pretzels. 

Lynn and I keep waiting for the girls to do ALL the baking but it hasn't happened yet. 

Lynn and I exchanged our usual baking ornaments.  Who knows how many we have on the tree now but I love our cookie day tradition. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kailei's Winter Choir Concert

Kailei had her first choir concert of the year today.  Her teacher is amazing and so the choir did a great job.  Kailei is a singing machine these days and so I know she enjoyed it. 

She auditioned for the state middle school choir and made the cut.  We are so proud of her.  Can't wait until February when she performs at a venue in downtown Denver.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Davison Christmas

Today we had the Davison Christmas.  Unfortunately it was without Phyllis there.  Her Kansas family decided to have Christmas today as well so she had to go see them since she spent Thanksgiving with us. 

Lieu fixed more food than you can imagine but I guess if you know Lieu you know how much that is.  The woman is crazy.  Mitch redid the kitchen and living room so that was fun to see.

Adults drew names as usual.  I actually had Mitch but I let Zeb do him and I took care of Lieu.  Keara did great with the Santa hat for Mitch and Amy and Curtis gave Mark a captain's hat from Florida which gave us all a good laugh. 

I drew Mark's name for the Archer family but had to give him his gifts here since he was going to go to Scotland for Christmas.  I'm not sure if he liked his Chia Bob Rossy planter or not.  I was amused however.

Kids were spoiled as usual.  Had to cut out a little sooner than we would have liked because Keara has finals this week Kailei has a big project due.