Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Proudly mastering the monkey bars, Kailei has spent quite a bit of time playing on them lately. Needless to say, it has not been without injury. Today we got a phone call from school indicating she had fallen off the monkey bars. She pretty much landed on her face. She is a trooper however and is doing well. She didn't feel like going back to school today so stayed home with Nurse Daddy. She is a little embarrassed and has said she is not going back to school until her owie is better but hopefully she will forget about that by morning.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Diva is Born

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kailei's Half-Birthday

Earlier in the month we celebrated Kailei's birthday on the Davison side of the family. Interestingly enough, Kailei called it her "half-birthday" because she knew there was a celebration to be had on the Archer side of the family.

So we celebrated this past weekend at Tracie's house. Both Sydney and Kailei turned another year older. Hard to believe. They had a princess party (which is pretty much their daily life) and had a wonderful time.

We've all been so busy lately that it was so nice to just sit and hang out with the family. Apparently it was so relaxing that some of us fell asleep (not me, of course!)

The girls were thrilled. It is so much fun to see how excited they can get. Sydney got flooded with all things horses and Kailei got a Barbie guitar that she just doesn't put down.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MWCC Unbirthday Party

Last year we decided to hold one big birthday party for all the MWCC girls instead of trying to celebrate each one. It worked out really well so we planned another one for this year. We basically divide the duties and share the costs which makes it doable, fun and economical. The theme this year was "Puppy in my Pocket" (or something like that).

I prayed for good weather and we were blessed with sunshine so we were able to make it a pool party as well. The girls swam, ate pizza, opened gifts and enjoyed cake. I think it turned out really well overall and look forward to next years event.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Birthday Kind of Month

Saturday we celebrated Kailei, Khiem, and Anika's birthday. Kailei called it her half-birthday since there will be a another party for her later this month. Technically Khiem's birthday was back in June but since they were all in Vietnam, we had to postpone the celebration.

Grandpa and Grandma made the trek up to Denver despite the fact that they were both suffering from colds. Like good grandparents, they just didn't want to miss it.

As usual Lieu cooked up enough food to feed an army and it was delicious. We all had a great time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Last night I asked Kailei if she was going to be a listener in Kindergarden. She honestly replied, "I'll think about it."


After being picked up from her first day of school, Kailei said the following:
"This was a super, duper big day. Tomorrow, I need a small day."

Friday, August 7, 2009

School Bells are Ringing

Today the girls started school. Keara is now in 3rd grade and Kailei started Kindergarten. They are both attending a new school and hopefully their we can stick around for a while. Both girls really liked their teachers and I think they enjoyed going off to school together.

Each year that I send my girls off to school I am always left with a lump in my throat. I worry about them having a good teacher. I worry about them making nice friends. I just worry. These two girls are my heart. Their pain is my pain. Their success is my happiness. I love them more than anything and pray that life continues to be good to them.

Time is flying by.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chinese Heritage Camp

What can I say? It was great! This was our first year attending and certainly won't be our last. We loved it! Kailei and I were there Friday through Sunday and loved every minute.

The heritage camp was held in Denver which was very convenient for us. There were activities for both the parents and the kids which was awesome. The parents are put to work for a few hours but it was a pleasure to help out.

Kailei did crafts, sang songs, listened to stories, played in an Asian village, had field day, ate lots of good food and even performed a Chinese folk tale. Our friends the Wyman's, Trautman's, Peterson's and Merwin-Olk's were there which made it even more special.

What I loved most about this camp were the wonderful counselors. Most of the counselors are Asian and I absolutely love that Kailei was surrounded by such positive role models. These counselors volunteer their time (which just amazes me) and the kids LOVE them. They were all very sweet and I so appreciated the effort that they put forth throughout the camp.

I just can't wait until next year!