Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kevin's Valentine

Kevin and Jessica received one of the best valentines presents you can get with Keenan Nicholas was born early that morning. Keenan weighed in around 8lbs and 20 inches (I think) and is cute as a button. We look forward to meeting him. Big brothers Ethan and Dylan were excited too.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Special Valentine from Keara

It says, "My mom is first in my heart because she comforts me when I'm sad. She makes my favorite food, chili.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keara's 8th birthday

Keara turns 8 this week. Hard to believe. I can still remember bringing her home from the hospital one snowy day in February.

We celebrated with family this weekend. Grandpa and Grandma came up, Grammy, Poppy, Uncle Mark, Aunt Tracie, Nic, Sydney, Uncle Mitch, Aunt Lieu, Khiem, Anika and Aunt Lynn all joined us for dinner and cake Saturday night.

Keara had a Camp Rock theme. She has never seen the movie but I didn't question her request. She received lovely gifts from everyone and had a great time. As we gathered together and I looked around the room, I hope Keara knows how much she is loved.

On Sunday when we asked her what her favorite part of the weekend was she said it was her birthday party. Here's to another year.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keara's First Confession

Big day for Keara Wednesday night. She made her first confession which is the second sacrament in the Catholic church. She did great! It is a totally nerve racking experience for anyone. The church continues to try and make it as friendly as possible but it is just one of the those sometimes scary things no matter how hard you try to soften it.

She was excited all day, telling everyone what she was doing that evening. They had a mass and then the kids were to go and see a priest. We were the second in line at the confessional and when it came time for Keara to enter, the panic set in. She did not want to go. The line behind us was quite long. I tried to calm her down as best I could but she still didn't want to go. At some point I had to gently push her in the door and hope for the best. She did just fine. I thought she might end up crying but there were no tears. She told me it wasn't that scary after all and was very proud of herself. Naturally her mom and dad were proud too.

We celebrated with Baskin Robbins ice cream at Grammy and Poppy's house afterwards. It was a good night.

She will make her first communion in late April or early May so now we will start preparing for that. I don't think that will be quite as scary and I know Keara is looking forward to wearing the fancy gown.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

JCCC Chinese New Year

Well, we've made improvement since last year so things are looking up. Kailei's Chinese school had their Chinese New Year celebration yesterday. Last year she just stood there. This year she moved her lips. I'm not exactly sure she knew all the words but she tried. Unfortunately she missed last weeks class because she was pretty sick and I think it would have helped to have gone over everything again.

Regardless the celebration was beautiful and entertaining.

P.S. Kailei's friend Catie is standing behind her in red. There were a lot of girls on stage so it was hard to see everyone.