Friday, June 2, 2017

Epic Adventure Day 4

Today we arrived in Cannes. We were going to go to the beach all day but decided to just head into
Town and play it by ear. 

We didn't walk far before Kailei was hungry. I tried to sell the girls in crepes but no luck. I tried to find other restaurants that might work for all of us but the menu was in French and Kailei was getting hangry. So the girls had McDonald's and Zeb and I had Subway. We ate in the park which was nice. Not soon after sitting down did Poppy, Grammy and Nic walked up. They had been there for a while so we're heading back to the ship for lunch.

After lunch we walked down to the Cannes Film Festival Museum. Not too exciting except for seeing a few handprints of famous movie stars. Typical teen Keara said, "If you wanted to see movie star handprints we should have gone to Hollywood."

Mom and dad mentioned a church up on the hill that had an amazing view so I wanted to go see that. They
said it was quite a hike and I was already sweating so we decided to take a movie tour that would take us by there. The movie tour talked a lot about which stars stay in why hotel and it became
pretty obvious you needed to be rich to live around here.  That said I loved Cannes. It was so quaint and really beautiful. We did make a stop at the church on the hill and the view was amazing. Totally worth the price of the tour. 

After that we headed to the beach (well, Zeb and the girls did). I sat in the shade. 

Soon our time in Cannes came to a close and we headed back to the ship.

Zeb, Kailei and I had a nice dinner. Kailei especially liked the desert she chose and had two of them because well... she could. 

I played the slot machines for a while only to lose while
Zeb drug Keara out of the cabin. They watched Sing It If You Know It and I joined them after quickly going broke. We attempted to do some other activities but they were sold out or had too long of wait

We decided to call it an evening and made plans for Saturday. Our port is Palma.. and because the time is short and the shuttle expensive we decided to stay on the ship and relax.
The girls hope to get their nails done but I'm unsure if the ship does that. We did make some entertainment reservations so that is something to look forward to.

All in all a great day. I'd go back to Cannes in a heartbeat.

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Love reading about your trip! Have tons of fun,,,