Friday, June 9, 2017

Epic Adventure Day 11

Grabbed our continental breakfast at a different cafe this morning. Yuk! We had to stop the one we went to yesterday to get something for Keara and myself. 

Yesterday was hot but today was even hotter. The heat is doing me in. We had an reservation at the Vatican today and I was happy to hear we would be indoors. 

Oh my gosh! The Vatican Museum was unbearably hot and so many people. Mom and Dad warned us but I really didn't imagine it to be as bad as it was. All we could do was move with the crowd. We actually had a guided tour and we had the most long winded tour guide you could have. With the crowds and hear I don't think we appreciated it as much as we could have. 

At some point we couldn't take it all any more and went ahead. We were in desperately in need of water. We found a crowded cafe and braced ourselves for the crowds in the the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica. 

The Sistine Chapel was BEAUTIFUL! I think you could spend weeks there because there is so much. That said, the crowd pushed us on. 

The Basilica was a surprising reprieve. Because it was so big and the crowds could fan out, it made it more enjoyable. I don't think the girls are appreciating this opportunity but maybe someday they will. 

After spending way too much time in the gift shop we headed to lunch. Saw a "self-service" cafe which we thought would get us an inexpensive lunch but no  such luck. We grabbed a bunch of random items which tasted awful and paid out the nose. 

We decided to head back to the room. The kids needed some down time and so did the adults. Zeb and I dropped off the girls and went strolling around. 

Came upon a singer/guitar player entertaining in a local square and we sat and enjoyed his music for s while. Took our time getting back to the girls and saw some neat little streets. 

The girls didn't want to go out so they raided the local market. Zeb and I enjoyed  wonderful dinner together in the plaza while listening to musicians share their talents. It was a perfect ending to our stay in Italy. 

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