Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Epic Adventure Day 14

Today we took the train from Edinburgh to Uddingston. It took about 75 minutes and it was nice to see some countryside. Caroline's dad, sister and brother met us at the train station and took our luggage to the hotel. It was an easy walk from to get to the place we would call home for a few days. 

We are staying at Redstones Hotel and it is a quaint place not far from Main Street or Caroline's house. 

After getting our rooms started to head out but were stopped short as Caroline's mom dropped by the hotel asking offering to do our laundry. How nice was that?!! We sent a few things her way after she insisted. We then headed out for some lunch. Went to a place called Angels which also had good food. 

All male members of the wedding party went in to Glasgow to get fitted for their kilts. Mom and Dad went to the Ryan's and visited and the rest of us made our way to Bothwell Castle. 

It wasn't far so we made our way down Main Street, stopped in the local sweet shop for some treats and continued our walk. The Castle is a historical ruin but we really enjoyed it. Maybe that is because there wasn't a lot of people and it was quite but regardless we spent most of the afternoon there. 

We returned in time for a late dinner so we just grabbed something at the hotel and called it a night. 

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