Sunday, June 11, 2017

Epic Adventure Day 13

Began the day attending mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh. These churches are so beautiful. 

We needed to grab some lunch after church so we headed over to Waverly Mall and went to the food court. 

After lunch we got tickets to the Edinburgh Dungeon. It's part haunted house, part amusement part ride and part theatre. It was quite fun. 

The next part of the day was like herding cats. Trying to get 17 people moving in one direction is no small feat. Between the bathroom stops, food stops and varying patterns of movement we are lucky we got anywhere. 

Headed to a store in hopes to grab some jackets but had no luck. While we were inside it started pouring rain. Some of us managed to miss being outside in it and some of us got soaked. 

Did a little more walking about and then Kevin recommended that we eat at wagamama. I think we are a scary bunch of Americans and feel sorry for our wait staff. 

After dinner some us walked through an amazingly old and beautiful cemetery. Loved reading all the stones

Ended the day with a stop at Martin's ice cream shop. 

Well, not was ended at the pub. 

Forgot to mention that we have a lovely flat that we are staying in.  Only drawback is the 75 steps and no lift. Needless to say we are all getting a workout. 

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Mary Durheim said...

Loving every day of your trip! So enjoy your blog and so happy for your family! Love you guys and wish everyone the best. Have a great time and come back with great stories to tell us and lots of pictures to share.