Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Epic Adventure Day 15

We have been spoiled today. Mark and Caroline arranged to take us to a few of the interesting sites around here. Her father rented a bus  and chauffeured us all over the place. 

We began at Stirling Castle. This ended up being a favorite of everyone. It was beautiful and educational. Not to mention the views were fantastic! 

Cold drinks were then provided by the Ryan's as we headed to site number two. 

The Wallace Monument was our next stop and we got lots of exercise climbing the hill to the monument and then climbing to the top of the tower inside of it. Made the 75 steps to our flat in Edinburgh look like a easy sprint. There were 246 steps but the view was worth the climb. 

We grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald's and then headed to The Kelpies. This is a piece of art near and near to us because they are giant horse heads. They are made of steel and quite impressive. 

Our last stop of the day was The Falkirk Wheel which is an impressive piece of engineering. It provides s gateway for boats on the Scottish canal.  You really have to see it and we were lucky we did just shortly after we are. 

That wrapped up our tour and it was great. Probably the best day we have had in Scotland do far. 

I think the wedding may just top it but don't tell Mark that. 

Capped the evening off with dinner at The Beefeater. 

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